Mommy Tools

Birth Help - Baton Rouge Doulas
If you want a natural birth, but think you need more support, Birth Help is the way to go. Renee and her team of certified doulas are experienced and a great tool when you need confidence and giving your husband confidence in himself as a partner in the birth of your child. Renee supported us and kept our minds at ease through our 30 hour labor, cheering us on and offering suggestions to keep us fresh, and stayed with us until well after the baby was born.
Cloud B - Children's Sleep Aid
So cuddly, so cute and was one of our greatest tools in sleep coaching the Nugget. Not only is it cuddly, but you can Velcro it to the bed so it's not a smothering hazard in the bed with your wee little one. It has a sound device that can be inserted into the back of the lovey that makes "shushing" sounds, heartbeat and nature sounds. It also has a timer so it will turn itself off in 10-25-45 minutes. This is great as a travel buddy, too. Nugget snuggles up to the feet on his Gentle Giraffe all the time, and I figure the pocket in the back can be used to keep his precious things safe when he gets older.

Wubbanub - Giraffe
He never sucked on the actual pacifier, however, the ears and antlers and tail and tag are another story. It's nice to have in the car to keep him company, and small enough for him to carry around the house. He shakes and wags it all around. Cute!

Taggies - Giraffe
This is the best money I have EVER SPENT!!! Tuff LOVES his Taggies giraffe. It stays in his bed, unless we go on long trips, in which he clings to it while napping in his carseat. All night he hugs on his giraffe and he loves fiddling with those tags.

This monitor totally saved us. It allows me to gaze at my little (big) bundle of joy while he's sleeping without bothering him; if he starts whining or fussing for a second, I can check the monitor to see if he is just re-situating or if he is actually awake, without busting in the door every time he makes a noise; and this monitor has all kinds of bells and whistles that we don't use that much, that are useful... Like a two way speaker, remote lullaby songs, and even records video. Most important feature is that it has firewall protection, so that you are the ONLY one that can view what is on the screen... no hackers or radio interference!

Bum Genius 4.0 - Cloth Diapers
These are by far my favorite diapers to use. They are easy for daycare, easy for grandparents/great-grandparents, and most of all - easy for daddy. Two piece system, "shell" and "insert"... easy speasy! I've tried other pocket diapers, and they just don't add up to the BumGenius 4.0!

Diaper Junction - Try Cloth Diapers
I love (L.O.V.E.) this website. You can even test drive cloth diapering for 30 days with no risk. I wish I had known about this before, but it wouldn't have mattered. I was sold after my first cloth diaper change. But for parents who are tired of their disposables leaking and causing diaper rashes and the toxic gel on the inside exploding from moisture overload... this is a super sweet deal to see if cloth diapering is for you. Trust me, once you fluff up your baby's bum, you never go back!