Friday, April 12, 2013

The Dad Post, Part I

My wife found her talent, and many others have found her talent as well, including me. Not only is she blessed with the gift of gab, but she can somehow put her wonderful personality on paper too. I didn’t think it was possible. I figured there’s no way you can understand my wife unless you met her in person. I was wrong. I must admit that I have become a fan of the Baby Bleauxs blog that she began. Much like yourself, I’ve found myself wondering when the heck is the next blog post coming. I blame myself. She was waiting on me to write a Dad post.

She began Baby Bleauxs as a way to vent her joys, feelings, frustrations of being a new mother without spilling it all out on me. She has a cache of notebooks, pads, and journals trapped away in trunks, closets, and her nightstand where she has spewed emotion in ink so that she didn’t have to keep it all trapped inside. As my best friend, she usually shares some of her inner most thoughts and life questions with me, but even I am unfit to be a muse for some of this stuff as sometimes I’m the cause of the vented frustration. She gracefully bashes me on paper so she can be sweet to me in person. I don’t mind. No use to keep hammering away at this hard head because there’s not much that penetrates unless its sports related.
When she asked my opinion about her starting a blog about motherhood, I was a little unsure. I guess I didn’t know enough about parenthood to realize there were pleanty of people out there that share the same situations as what we have been through. Now everyone else knows how much of a gem I’ve found. Some might find us unconventional or unusual with the way we are raising our little nugget, but it works for us. Trust me, I had to be talked into the whole cloth diaper thing. I believe she had to talk herself into that one too. She’s always thinking about her nugget and this family first and how to make it better. So I listen when she brings up a new idea or a new product to try. Haha, she’s gonna laugh when she reads the part about me listening, but I do, sometimes. I definitely encourage her creativity and will try anything with her in the name of Nugget. She does so much research before she comes to me, sometimes I can’t find a reason to say no. Deep down I think she’s a born again hippie, but I guess the incense has rubbed off on me too.

As we agreed in the beginning, we are going to go through parenting 50/50. When I promised her that I would write a Dad post, I’m going to stay true to my word. Next time you hear from me, I’ll tell you the Tale of Nugget from Dad’s point of view. The whole first year, from first days to first teeth. All you moms just go easy on me though, and don’t get all sappy either. I’m not as good of a dad as my wife lets on. I’m still in training.

The Eeb