Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Healthy Halloween Treats

Since we have been making smarter, healthier choices at home, I decided that we shouldn't  make the upcoming holidays any exception. That means the norm of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and bags of mini-fun-sized-sugar filled chocolate candies are not going to cut it this year. I've been reading all the health food blogs about their ideas of healthy giveaways and it got me excited. Then I looked into preparation for some of these ideas and they are obviously thought up by either stay-at-home moms or parents who don’t need sleep. So I've concocted my own little list of treats that we are going to give out at both our Pumpkin Decorating Party and at our church Truck’n’Treat…

#5 - Draw a pumpkin face on something orange!

This takes a little time, I'll admit... and it's one of the more expensive options I have listed here, which is why it is #5 on my list. But it's so stinkin' cute. A bag of 12 tangerines at Walmart is $3.99 and a box of 16 Mandarin orange cups (no sugar added) is $7.99 at Sam's.

#4 - Spider rings… seriously, do these ever get old!

These are just old fashioned fun. Kids and adults love putting on these plastic spider rings. But they aren't just for handouts, they are a super easy way to decorate cakes and cupcakes for parties. Not to mention, CHEAP! A bag of 125 spider rings are only $5 at your local party store.

#3 - BUBBLES... Tell me what kid doesn't LOVE bubbles?

I found 12 packs of these little multi-colored bubbles for $3 at a local Party City. This is a cheap, fun gift that you can give to all the kiddos. Bonus, imagine the magical atmosphere with all those kids blowing all those bubbles...

#2 - Halloween stickers!

You can purchase a pack of Halloween stickers and hand out individually... It's super easy to find these at your local party store for cheap! 

#1 - Candy… DUH!

Believe it or not, there is healthy candy out there folks! And if you buy in bulk, it's much cheaper... I got this bag of 325 YummyEarth lollipops (tasted one, actually really YUMMY!) for only $30! This candy is crazy... organic; allergen-free; gluten-free; GMO-free; egg-free; soy-free; nut-free; casein free; dairy free; no artificial dyes or flavors (they use purple carrots and red cabbage for coloring); and they come in 8 awesome flavors. I know these will take me all the way through our Pumpkin Decorating Party and Trunk'n'Treat... and maybe a few to take to work to satisfy a mid-day sweet tooth.

I would love to know what your favorite Halloween treats are for this year. Tell me in the comments below or post your ideas on my Facebook Page! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

50 Shades of Gray

She gently patted the beaded moisture from the creases in her neck, and gazed at her naked body in the mirror. She bent over the sink slightly, holding the damp towel between her bosom. There she stared into her own eyes, glimmering with fantasies, as the gentle sound of the water drained from the bath tub. Clusters of bubbles still gathered on her milky white hips and dangled from the ringlets of hair at the back of her neck. As she examined herself, she noticed a shimmer… a glowing tress. Her insides filled with heat and the glass began to steam from her warm breath. Could it be? No, this was not the right place, not the right time… She fingered it softly and to her repulsion she did confirm that it was true, it was all true. Her head began to spin as she realized what she had just plucked from herself was…

A f*cking gray hair!!! What the hell is it doing there? I’m not a person who has gray hair. This is ridiculous. The only reason I’m accepting this with any dignity is because my husband has come down with the symptoms as well. Gray hairs litter his chest and chin and 3 spots on his head (I know, because I cut his hair).

Needless to say, I will be calling an exterminator (or my colorist) to remedy this terrible incident. Since the hubs has a far worse case than I do, I will blame him for the infection. By Friday, my 50 shades of gray will be 50 shades of beautiful coffee. I'm quite sure that one day I will embrace the silver fox, but that day is not today. Today I am a VERY young mother of a 7 month old baby. Today I am everything but gray...

Is life turning you gray?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

FINALLY... No more maternity clothes!!!

How long where you in maternity clothes AFTER you had your baby? 2 months, 4 months, 9 months...

Okay, this is one of those subjects that I think women just never talk about, even though it's more common than I thought. It’s a sad, pathetic subject that only makes us more self conscious about our post-baby bodies. So why talk about it, why hide the fact that we still sport our stretchy maternity pants 6 months after your baby is born? Because it’s TOTALLY NORMAL, that’s why! {Anyone want to tell me different, come tell me to my face}

I’ve been really self conscious about my body ever since I gave birth to my son. Every part of my body has changed and shifted, and lord knows it will probably never be the same. It is not exactly a bad thing, just really different. My body has changed so much in the past 10 years, but it was gradual. This was instant, and along with everything else that was going on, a shock for some reason.

"39 weeks pregnant"
Yeah, you hear women talk about how “you’re body will never be the same after you have the baby” and “good luck getting back into your pre-baby jeans”… But when you are pregnant, you don’t want to hear that crap. You don’t want to read a post like this. You don’t want to think about anything but good thoughts, and you want people to keep their negative feelings and insecurities to themselves so you can bask in your pregnancy glow.

I sincerely thought that keeping myself in good shape during pregnancy would enable me to succeed in all my goals: natural vaginal birth and easing back into my pre-pregnancy body (and hopefully better). I had myself convinced that I would be able to pick back up walking at least a mile every other day and swimming laps in the pool within a couple weeks of birthing my child. But this, my friends, just didn’t work out the way I planned.

The funniest part is those “negative” and “insecure” women were so right! My body is forever changed. My son is 7 months old and I’m finally (officially) out of maternity jeans and back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. However, I had to lose an extra 10 pounds to fit into them without looking like a stuffed piece of sausage or an overflowing muffin top. Technically, I could have started wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans a couple months ago, but I would have ended up on one of those Bad Walmart Photo websites. Ugh!

Finally, I’m here… and I’m the better for it. It’s taken hard work to get this far and I don’t plan on slowing my progression any time soon. I am eating better now than I have in years, my son is happy and healthy and I’m finally at the psychological stage of accepting my post-baby body! I’m truly in bliss right now. I know that I will never have the body I had 10 years ago, but I’m slowly paving the way to a much healthier place than I have ever been.

What have I been doing, you say? While I have not been overloading my already hectic schedule with tons of cardio, I have been doing some strength training. Thanks to the open-mindedness of my dear friend and co-worker Dar-Dar, I “workout” at least twice a day 4 days a week AT WORK (sometimes we do our routine up to 4 times a day, depending on work). It only takes about 5-7 minutes. We put a song on in my office and do the following:
-          20 Desk Push-Ups, feet together (harder than they sound)
-          20 Squats & 10 Low Pulse
-          20 Calf Raises & 10 High Pulse
-          60 Small Arm Circles
-          30 Second Stretch (including pot stirrers and thigh stretch)

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s better than nothing, and I feel the difference. If I have a couple minutes, I do a couple passes of walking lunges across my office, or 20 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing… I fit it in where I can and it makes me feel better mentally and physically, especially when my job is mostly sitting at a desk all day. The last thing I want to do with the couple hours I have in the afternoons with my son is a workout session. However, I do walk him outside to show him all the trees and garden and grass and things. Also, I’m trying VERY hard to motivate myself to walk him in his stroller in the afternoons more often since the weather is getting cooler, and he is inside all day long. But sometimes we just sit and watch the sky on the back porch. Friday through Sunday is much easier to be constantly active with him, so we stay outside most of the time if we can on the weekends.

I wonder sometimes if my son will ever know how much I have learned because of him. I have never seen the world in such a light. I am amazed every single day because my 7 month old son is teaching ME… about innocence, about appreciation, about humanity and about how wonderful this life really is. It was amazing when I buttoned up my jeans last week and actually felt comfortable. I looked up and my son just started giggling at me. I showed him my zipped up jeans and leaned in to kiss him on the forehead in celebration, and he grabbed my face with his little hands… He was happy that I was happy!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do you know what's in your baby's food?

I knew from the beginning (before I was pregnant) that I would be making baby food from scratch when the day came… and that day is here! Actually, Tuff has been on a palate party for about a month. He’s already gone through some major food assemblies:  a rainbow of squash (including yellow, pumpkin, spaghetti and zucchini), avocado, prune, banana, apple, pear, peach and carrot. He also loves yogurt (Yo-Baby Organic). All of his food so far has been made by my husband and I, and it’s all been organic. When our garden was producing some these veggies (squash and zucchini), we thought this food would last us till the end of the year… eh, not so much. Apparently, he’s a little human now and he wants to eat food like all the other humans do. LOL!

**Steamed Granny and Delicious apples and left over steamed peach puree, frozen into 1 oz. cubes**

**Tuff's treat for his 7-month birthday**

In my relatively small circle of mommy friends and acquaintances, there are only a fair few (let’s count 2-3 moms) that make their kids’ food. Some are eating McDonalds French fries before the age of 1. I’m not mommy-bashing, so don’t take this personally (or do if it’s necessary for you to go about your day), but I’m not trying to give my little baby French fries from a funky fast food chain that not only was fried in vegetable oil that has been sitting there all day, but has also been sitting under a heating lamp for 30 minutes. Plus, it’s loaded with salt and lord knows where the potatoes came from. Don’t even get me started on all the other food at these joints.

Yes, I think about these things all the time. I’ve worked in the fast food business, and stay away from that food as much as I possibly can. I completely understand the convenience of driving through a fast food place and then being on your way, especially with kids. I have a couple weaknesses, I’ll admit. I indulge maybe once a month, but then my face starts feeling oily and my stomach jerks and turns and growls at people in public and I’m reminded of why I stay away from these places. The fast food industry makes it super easy, but they are having a terrible time making it the least bit healthy. Even a salad from one of these places can cost you about 1,000 calories and who knows where the vegetables have come from. They are definitely not organic, because they wouldn’t stay that fresh for so long. Yes, it takes a little extra time to prepare food and snacks before going on a trip… and who doesn’t love a good donut hole every once in a while… or maybe a Little Debbie snack to hold you over until dinner is ready. Thirsty, li’l one? Here’s a Coca-Cola to quench your thirst… This is what we are teaching our children are good eating habits. Then they taste real food with healthy ingredients and they are put off, screaming for another zebra cake or they will never eat food EVER AGAIN!
**Small McD's French Fries: 230 calories; 0% Vitamin A, 8% vitamin C, 2% Calcium, 4% Iron**
(% of daily value)

**Homemade Sweet Potato Fries (20 ct): 180 calories, 80% vitamin A, 65% vitamin C, 8% Calcium, 8% Iron**
(% of daily value)

Like I said, I’m not mommy-bashing. This comes from personal experience. This is how I remember growing up and what was burned into MY brain. I would open up the pantry, and it would be full of boxed treats and cereal coated in sugar and candy bars. The freezer always had frozen pizza bites, and Hot Pockets, and processed food. At my dad’s house, it was more interesting… chocolate chips would often be found in our cornbread and Vienna sausages in our spaghetti. My Granny’s house was probably the most healthy food that we ate. Yes, my PawPaw made me coffee-milk every morning, and took me to McDonalds to get an egg McMuffin some days, and then there are the bear-claws that the Ralph’s Market used to make in their pantry (yum, just drooled). When I was growing up, it was all about convenience. Everyone was too busy to worry about what was in our food, or didn’t think it was anything to be concerned with. I mean, we’re alive and healthy today, right, that’s a good thing…

Here’s where the problem is… I’m 32, 70 lbs overweight and desperately trying to re-train myself when it comes to healthy food options and IT'S FREAKING HARD! Having to teach yourself at this age about portion control, and learning what foods help your body perform at its best is an exhausting process. THIS is why I am taking the time to start my kid’s journey into food the best way I can, and the only way to really know what is in his food and where it comes from is to make it myself. And I must say, his food tastes so much better than any baby food I’ve ever tasted (and yes, I’ve tasted several baby food brands and flavors).

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about the upcoming GMO proposition 37 in California (November). I know this is not our state, but if it is decided in California that manufacturers are required to label their products with the words “May contain genetically modified foods”, it will spread like wild fire across the US. I will not go into detail about this subject in this post, otherwise I may be typing forever. However, click on the links provided to read up on a few recent articles concerning GMO's (genetically modified organisms) and labeling.

The reason I’m mentioning the upcoming GMO proposition is because during my research into this subject, my desire to offer and prepare my family healthy organic food has become my new obsession. I’ve been really getting into reading our labels and it’s freaky how much we put into our bodies that we can’t even pronounce. My son’s baby formula is one of the scariest things that I give him. Reading the label on the back of the formula box blows my mind. I know he has to be on this formula for at least 5 more months, and I cannot wait till the day we can start giving him cow’s milk. At least then we have the option of offering him organic milk and can get away from this over-processed powder. This also deepens my passion for feeding him fresh, organic food from the very beginning. This way I know at least part of what he is consuming is natural and from the earth and free of pesticides, additives and growth hormones.

In the short time that we have been decreasing his formula, and increasing his solids, we have noticed a huge change in him. His bowel movements are more regular (and he has stopped straining and crying when he has a BM). He had a touch of eczema on his face and his skin would flare up when he would get upset or hungry or hot, this has completely cleared up. He has had some pretty bad allergies which affected his nasal passages and breathing; both have been getting better by the week. It can’t be a coincidence that these things cleared themselves up at the same time we began introducing organic purees high in antioxidants and vitamin C (I chose to introduce the veggies highest in these categories first to help promote his little immune system).

So I bring this question to you… Do you read ingredient labels before feeding it to your baby/child? Would you want to know if your food contained genetically modified organisms? Do you believe it’s worth the extra money to buy organic, or do you trust conventional produce?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuff-man: 6 Month Update

Wow! So much has happened in the past month. It’s just so fun to watch him grow and start putting things together in his mind. No 2+2=4 yet… LOL… But we are definitely on our way there. It is something new every day. He is really starting to get into his toys. I have to admit, he didn’t really have anything to play with until a couple weeks ago. A butt-load of books, a couple empty water bottles, a Green Sprouts teether, a couple giraffes and some soft blocks… that’s the long list! I went to a friend’s house while out of town and saw Keegan’s eyes light up with all the toys, and then the light went off in my head – the boy needs something to stimulate his curious mind! So I did what any sane mother would do, went ape-sh*t crazy on… LOL!

So here are a couple fun updates that make 6 months so much fun…

1.       Solids – We were a little apprehensive about starting him on solids. At 5 months, we tried rice cereal and it was not a pleasant experience. So we waited a couple of weeks and I jumped head first into some research on first foods to feed baby. We tried again a couple weeks later with yellow squash, and it was a success! Now only a few weeks later, our son is a total foodie… His faves right now are any kind of squash (yellow, zucchini, pumpkin, and spaghetti), avocado and carrots. We tried bananas, but he wasn’t really into it. So we’ll bring it back in a few weeks. We just made our first batch of prune puree, which will be given in very small quantities, but we feel is necessary to keep him regular (and they are super healthy). We had decided early on that we would make our own baby food, and it has been very rewarding to be able to do this for him. This is very close to my heart, especially since I did not have the means to breastfeed. So taking the extra time to make sure that the food he puts in his mouth is fresh and organic is very important to me, and my husband. Thank God for my husband, for without which we would not have the garden where we grow our own vegetables.
(After a Whole Foods run... Our garden is not quite producing this much, yet)

(1 oz of each: zucchini, banana, avocado)

"Am I going to have to feed myself?"

(Yummy, carrot face!)

2.       Sitting up all on his own – He loves just sitting around. He reaches for things and pops back up, he picks up his toys and plays and loves the view. He’ll tip over and roll around and scoot and lunge across the floor, and it is so much fun just watching him. I surround him with his favorite toys just out of reach, and I watch those wheels just turning in that head of his. I wonder what he’s thinking as he sees the spread I have for him. I love how he’ll be playing there and every once in a while he’ll look up at me and give this huge smile. Like he’s letting me know he’s having a great time and “look what I’m doing Momma” face. His expressions are so sweet, I pray they stay like that always.

3.       Oral fixation – Everything… EVERYTHING… goes in the mouth. Toys, fingers, feet, clothes, diapers (clean of course), TV remote, the dog… this list is endless, of course. But his favorite is still my hands. He can be sitting on my lap and my hand is just beside him, and he will take it and hug it and put it on his face and then, of course, into his mouth. Another favorite is my face. I’ll be playing with him and he puts his sweet hands on my face and lunges for the first facial feature available (usually my nose or forehead). This is probably why I stayed sick for 3 weeks, I couldn’t help but let him drool all over my face and hands, and then didn’t wash my hands enough.

4.       He recognizes faces AND voices – When my mother or my Granny call and I put them on speaker phone, his face lights up. People have told me that it’s just because he likes the sound, but I think they can kiss my @$$. He knows! Especially my Granny, he L.O.V.E.S. his Granny… and why not. She was my favorite person growing up too J

5.       He is affectionate – He is truly a snuggle bug sometimes. My favorite time is when I bath him. I sit him on the counter in the bathroom facing the mirror, and I stand behind him with my arms beside him kind of leaning over him. He will “kiss” himself in the mirror and watch as his mirror hand touches his real hand and is mesmerized. But every couple of minutes, he turns his head around to look me in the face, and then leans into me. He will grab my forearms with both his hands and “snuggle”. It melts my heart.
(Grabbing and holding Daddy's face)

(Playing with Mommy's feet, with his feet... so sweet)

6.       White boy can jump – All I have to say is the phrase speaks for itself. One of my splurges was this jumper, and it was worth every penny. See for yourself …

7.       He has a lovey – I actually didn’t think he would take a lovey. I tried to introduce several to him and he just wasn’t interested in them. But one night after reading him his book, I noticed he was reaching over my shoulder at a giraffe blankee that I draped over the back of the rocker. It’s small and light weight, so I gave it to him and laid him down in bed. Amazing! He clung onto it like it was his best friend and drifted off to sleep rubbing it, like they had always been together. It blew my mind. Now he finds it, where ever it is in the bed, and snuggles with it. It’s either laying next to him or under him, and he plays peek-a-boo with it in the middle of the night.

6 month stats:
Weight: 18.1 lbs
Height: 27.5 in
Head: 17.5 in
Favorite Toy: Soft blocks and soft book
Favorite Lovey: Giraffe blankie
Favorite Food: Squash
Schedule: Up at about 6am, asleep by 7:30pm
Naps: about 2 x 1.25 hour naps a day, plus maybe a short nap in the morning

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A couple bugs and a hurricane...

The past two months have been a whirlwind of changes, milestones, scary situations, hurricanes and excitement. I’ve had several people ask me if I stopped blogging or if I was going to post any more… Honestly, after the hurricane, sickness took over my son and I and we are just coming back to life. A consequence of all the chaos was writer's elbow. I just haven’t known where to even start.  So, I’ll just begin with baby's first cold and try to make it short (“TRY” being the key word) so we can get on to my next post, Keegan’s 6 month update!

Snot! Mucous! Phlegm! Wheezing! This has been my life since July 27th. I remember this date because it’s the first time I brought him to the pediatrician for his first “cold”. To this day, he has had a runny nose or some kind of congestion. Some days are better than others, some days are pretty rough. But he is the toughest little guy I know, and has come through the past 2 months like the li’l champ that he is… still happy and thriving. We’ve been through a roller coaster of ailments, from a cold to allergies to bronchiolitis. We even had a little visit to the emergency room (not the best night, but the other patients made sure we were thoroughly entertained and disgusted). Conclusions so far on this 2 month funk fest, Tuff apparently inherited his daddy’s bad allergies. When he is snotty, he needs to be suctioned out hourly (if not more often) when awake to keep his passageways clear. If his nose runs down the back of his throat for too long, his breath begins to smell funky (a sign of post-nasal drip in babies), and a couple days later his chest is congested causing bronchiolitis (an infection which affects the tiny airways, called bronchioles, that lead to the lungs causing the airways to become inflamed, making breathing difficult). This is something my husband had frequently as a child, and could be hereditary.

Another culprit is the fact that he is in daycare, and kids in daycare catch 4x’s as many colds as babies who are not in daycare. This statistic is fine with me, because he is building up his little immune system. More colds now, less later in life (hopefully). Unfortunately, when he has a cold, if his nasal passages are not suctioned constantly and kept clear, it drains into his chest and within 48 hours he is wheezing. I cannot expect the daycare to suction his nose every hour, I understand that my son is not the only child there. In fact, I picked him up from daycare yesterday and there where at least 3 kids being picked up with runny noses and parents talking about how they just can’t shake these little viruses. I wanted to hug one mom while she was talking about her poor baby girl getting better for a few days and then waking up congested AGAIN and how this has been going on for two months. I had been really hard on myself for weeks thinking that I had to be doing something wrong for my son to be sick for this long, but hearing her aggravation comforted me in a way. I knew her pain, because it was mine too. So I decided to give myself a break.
(Murfy helping keep Tuff's nose clean)

RELIEF: We’ve been sick for 2 months (yes, me too, eventually my son passed me enough colds to give me bronchitis and walking pneumonia) and so many remedies, both natural and medicinal, have been used to get some relief and clear our heads (literally). Here’s a list of what has helped us the most:
1.       Nasal suction: Yep, the little bulbs they give you in the hospital. One should be in every room. Pretending it’s a fun game has gone a long way in our house. Tuff giggles and laughs (most times) while we are sucking the funk out his little nose.
2.      Saline spray/mist: Especially in the mornings, when the snot has been chilling out all night and chunked up in the nasal cavity, this magical liquid works wonders. Morning routine here lately: Mist each nostril, change diaper while mist is loosening everything up, and then suction until everything is out of there. Sometimes, I will mist one more time in each nostril and leave it to help break up anything that might be running down his throat.
3.       Boogie Wipes: I thought these where totally bogus when I used to see my friends use them on their children. Why spend money on a wet wipe? Totally busted… These are “saline wipes” and make short work of a crusted upper lip and nose. The grape scented ones smell AMAZING!
4.      Steam: If the congestion starts to get in the chest, turning on the hot water in the shower and letting him play on the floor or in the sink with some water for about 15 minutes makes a HUGE difference. You can actually hear the congestion breaking up…
5.      Eucalyptus: This amazing essential oil makes breathing in a steamy bathroom much easier, and as your baby inhales and exhales that minty steam it opens up his little passageways. This helped us both out so much before bedtime…
6.      Cool Mist Humidifier: First tip with this machine (especially with filterless machines) is to use distilled water. Next tip is to clean it out EVERYDAY!!! If you don’t believe me, fill up the container with your tap water and let it run until it’s gurgling. Take it apart and see how much bacteria and mold is lacing the edges and floating in the remaining water. This is what your child is breathing in and out all night long! You can purchase vapor pads for the machine, or you can put a drop of the eucalyptus oil on the pad to help them breathe easier throughout the night.

We have also started tuff on some antihistamine/decongestant drops to help with his allergies. I also went ahead and told the nurse to give him the flu shot at our 6 month visit. We are on a delayed immunization schedule, but with the way things have been going, I’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the flu. Now enough of all this sick talk…

Bug bites are freaking scary! Not only is he having to fight a little respiratory bug, but he’s having to fight real bugs too. Still not sure what the hell bit him, but my poor baby has been through the ringer. Finally, two weeks later, his cheek is getting back to its milky white texture again (thank GOD for my little baby aloe plant). Now enough of all this sick talk…

Hurricane Issac came to town… twice actually! This was our first hurricane with the baby. I know many people had tremendous damage and turmoil during this storm, but fortunately, we were not one of them. Yes, we had a lot of water in our yard from 3 days of constant rain; and we had a lot of debris in our front and back yard (limbs, leaves, trash, etc.). But that was the extent of our damage. We never lost power and amazingly never lost our DirectTV service (which is insane). It was actually a good time for us. We got to spend a lot of quality time together as a family. We even went out for a ride to get out of the house after the storm had past and got a little footage of the surrounding destruction… and we were thankful that our little family was kept safe. I will admit, I checked on Tuff several times throughout the 2 nights the storm was coming through. I kept having dreams of the tree falling on his room… Stupid brain drama! What’s important is that we have made it through all of this and he has been the best sport about all of it. Always with a smile on his face J So we must be doing something right!

Finally vacation time!!! We are going to the beach this week. I absolutely cannot wait, we have not been on a relaxing vacation since we got married 2 ½ years ago. We are constantly traveling with Tuff, so we are confident he will be good for the drive. Although, we will be traveling late in the afternoon, so we hope he can sleep most of the way. I can’t wait to see his face when he touches the sand and sees the ocean and feels the waves come up on the beach. The beach holds a very special place in my heart. We used to go a couple times every summer with my grandparents until I graduated highschool. Nothing fancy, just cheap motels along the main strip in Biloxi, but it was what I looked forward to all school year long. I’m always so inspired after coming back from a beach vacation, and I feel at peace looking out into the big blue and feeling the warm ocean water on my ankles and the sand between my toes. As much as my little nugget loves the water, I know he is going to grow to love and respect it as much as I do.

Incredible things have been taking place with my little man. I can’t wait to share his 6 month update. Everything is changing so fast, and even through all the commotion and ailments, we are moving through at a pretty smooth pace. Can’t say any more now, I will save all the juicy bits for his 6 month update which will be posted tomorrow J YAY!